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Urgent Skilled Labour Needed For Packing??Worry Your Products Cannot Meet The Dateline??? WE are HERE to solve your PROBLEMS.      

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aSkilled & Trained Copacker To Deliver 99.9% Quality Packing in Klang Valley NOW!!!

aWe offer profesional and skilled copacker you can trust

awe are trained & skillled copacker with experience more than 10 years

awe provide skills labour to do contract packaging services at your location


  • Affordable 

We will give you the best quote price

  • Quality 

We guarantee our packing quality meet your requirement

  • Time line 

We guarantee to meet your products target dateline


Our contract packaging services:

- manual labeling

- shrinkwrap

- stickering

- phamplet inserting

- skin packing

- repacking & sorting


HOW, WHEN & WHY YOU NEED skilled CoPACKERS or contract packagers???

  • There is no available expertise for particular job 
  • There's an alternative use viewed as a higher priority for the in-house equipment 
  • New packaging forms unfamiliar to your staff 
  • Your actual or projected product volume under or over employs your own manufacturing lines, either short or long term 
  • There's a short run for a new product market test, gift pack or seasonal appeal, which may require your company to hire extra labour
  • Promoting your product with non-standard packaging or promotional inserts requiring special labor intensive work is specified 
  • The pressure of new business or deadlines creates a heavy, short term workload for which you require experienced help to the efforts of in-house staff 
  • Operations problems such as your being faced with a labor availability problem cause you to consider alternative options 
  • There's a warehouse full of a product that needs re-working to make it saleable 
  • There's a new package form that is to be market tested before general introduction  
  • There's a specific, short-term requirement that may be better served by specific packaging experience you don't have. 
  • The company is faced with a high investment for new packaging equipment. 


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